The Research

After deciding on the subject of the magazine, and understanding that this magazine needed to have a very useful layout. The research concentrated on what the best and most avant-garde design magazines were doing around the world. The different uses of typography, the layout of pictures, and color.  

The Design

In order to design the layout of a magazine, it was important to understand the content, and have a clear focus on what kind of editorial it was going to have. Consilium is a design magazine , that is why the layout is picture centered, the typography supports the overall layout. A color, will be pulled from the cover, which will inform the different department titles and pull quotes, and it will change from issue to issue depending on the cover picture. The features, will do the same within their pages, having the main visually attractive color, bleed through the title, the subheads, and quotes.


Considering that the magazine needed to be designed for so small editorial staff could produce a magazine, it was important to keep costs down even with the typography. I choose these particular fonts for two reasons. The first one, they are open source fonts from Google, the same typography that they can use in print they can have a presence online and keep the same look and feel of the magazine with type. And the second, they are free, so they would keep the cost of the magazine down. I considered that as the magazine grew, a version of the fonts could be designed later on.

After trying many different type complements I decided on Lato for the sans serif and Arvo for the serif. Lato has very big family, it would be the the text type. It can play different roles and allows the layout design to have hierarchy and contrast. Arvo, is reserved for tiles, subheads, and pull quotes. It also has different weights. It was important that the serif’s bold weight, was the closest thing to a display font, since the design called for a type that was readable on pictures, as well to command the title of a feature. Arvo’s bold weight delivered having nicely finished and strong slabs that gave it a presence on the page. The fonts complement each other in a very nice way, but they keep visual contrast. They borrow different elements from each other that makes them play nicely like the dots of ‘i’ being rounded, or the ‘e’ being almost de same. The ‘a’ and the ‘s’ share the same design finish but keeping their own personality. It is important to note, that Lato’s quote marks were properly done, and for editorial design this is key, because quotes are used throughout the publication.


All the content in the magazine was respectfully borrowed from the following sites. They were given propper credit in the magazine. If you want to read the articles please visit the the following links. These are websites that I constantly read and admire for their content and help me be a better designer.